What is better - looks or status?

Are you more intimidated by looks or status? Would it be easier to date an average looking famous athlete or guy who had a normal job but looked like Brad Pitt (or whoever you like)? Or maybe you have no insecurities and do what you want?


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  • I think its best to date someone who is motivated, has goals, and is into who you are as a person. An average looking guy can become seriously hot because he has a fabulous personality, drive, ambition and treats his lady like a princess. A super hot guy can make himself ugly by being egocentric, dumb, and dismissive. I think most women want a man who can hold a conversation (preferably about more than sports), shows interest in her life, has ambition and passion, and is genuine. I date someone who is in professional sports, it's an extremely challenging situation, we both work very long, hard hours, things are often stressful and he constantly gets hit on by jersey chasers. There is a lot of trust that goes into dating an athlete, plus you have to deal with all of the diet and exercise issues. Then again, dating a super hot guy who has no drive beyond being average, makes the super hot guy go from a 10 to a 3.

    The best line I've ever heard regarding finding a partner is "Be the person you want to find". What do you want? How do you want to be treated? Would you rather date a beautiful, unmotivated, airhead, or would you rather date a girl who doesn't always turn heads, but stimulates you mind, heart, and soul? Or you could just find the total package: looks, drive, passion, intelligence, and wit.

    • Thanks, that is good and insightful advice. I am not a famous athlete, but an ambitious guy and am told above average looking. Sometimes I feel like my ambition drives girls away because I appear a perfectionist or it comes across initimidating. I would love to think that I am intimidating as opposed to being unattractive or undesireable; however, sometimes I am really not sure which it is. I get very mixed messages.

    • If you are good looking, driven, and articulate you will be intimidating...its a fact of life. You just have to find some one who can keep up. Be picky, don't lower yourself to anyone's level. If they think you are too demanding or intimidating or a perfectionist, then they aren't the girl for you. You shouldn't settle. You can have the world, just go out and take it.

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  • With anyone there will always be issues, but from what your question asked, I would say it would be easier to date a guy with an average job and who looked amazing rather than a sports athlete. I don't have anything against them, but with how busy they are all the time, I can imagine it would be pretty hard.


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