Ladies - facial hair tips?

Hey Girls. Do any of you have good tips for a safe, easy way to remove facial hair, specifically upper lip? no one likes a stache. I don't want to wax as it just tears the skin. I prefer to pluck, just wondering if anyone has any tips as far as plucking goes. Any cheap creams that work well? Get at me. thanks.


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  • I use a cream bleaching product called "Jolen" and I do it about every 3-4 weeks. It's pretty cheap and you can buy it at the drugstore. Do yourself a favor - before you try ANY bleaching cream, please test-patch it on your skin (underarm, wherever) to make sure it doesn't give you a rash.

    • I'm dark complected so having blond hair all over my face won't work so well for me, but thank you.

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