New hair ideas?

I need some hlep with some new hairstyles. Nothing too crazy though. But basically right now the way my hair looks best is curly and a little section of it back with one clip. I try to straighten it (do the blow out thing) but it ends up looking like crap the rest of the day. And if I straighten it with a straightener it is too flat. And it looks good in a headband on the weekends when I haven;t washed it, but I can't do that during school because my bangs look greasy. And I might try to wear it just plain curly and down, but I need to practice that before I wear into school. And I don't have the face shape for a ponytail either. So anyone have any simple hair ideas I can do? my hair s about a tiny bit past my shoulders (but I ma growing it out little longer) and it is naturally really wavy on top and then curly underneath (but no one can see the curls underneath because, well, it is underneath)


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  • Apply hair's gel and straiten them up to the sky. hahahaha just joking don't mind.


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