How to get over not being his beauty queen?

Met a guy on net 4 years ago when I had hair down my back(NOT common among dark afro American girls) established friendship. 3 years later I'm dating him. I don't have hair like that anymore. So I've been feeling not so hot (men claim my pics are hot I'm not) I know he loves me but isn't as happy with the way I look now. I know because I don't get as many "your beautiful" comments How do I get the f*** over it. I mean he does love me. I feel like a deceived him but NONE of my online pics are tweaked. Advice?


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  • If he truly loves you then he loves you in every shape and model, meaning he loves you long hair or not. I think you need to realize that you're so much more than just your hair and start loving yourself and other attributes you have. You need to work on your self confidence. Its not going to change overnight but I think if you do that then you won't feel like you do in your relationship. Go get your nails done, buy new outfits, etc. Do things for YOU that make you feel pretty. Pictures are pictures and don't capture everything about a person so you need to stop worrying about what you look like in a picture and online and start looking more at how you look like in person.


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