What are key signals a girl likes or is attracted to you?

What are some signals that you girls give off to let a guy know you like him or are attracted to him physically

besides the usual smiling and laughing a lot


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  • Some girls can be really good at hiding these signs, but I would say:

    1. If her body points towards you, for example, you're with a circle of friends and her feet point toward your direction, it means her focus is on you. Or if she makes her wrist go limp, all those signs. Read up some simple body language.

    2. She laughs or smiles a lot when you're around, and she glances are you alot.

    3. Look into her eyes! Seriously, you can tell just by looking, if she's looking straight into your eyes but at the same time seems shy, then it might mean she likes you. Don't go on glaring at her ofcourse lol. Make a lot of eye contact, follow what your gut says X].

    4. If she fixes or touches her hair frequently while talking to you.


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  • I would say there is a lot more eye contact than normal.

    • also are things like a crossed pointed leg in our direction actually a sign of liking someone if on purpose of course

    • Yes it is... I'm pretty guilty of that :/ :P

  • We are into you if our feet are pointed towards you and we are playing with our hair and smiling alot.

  • I'll ask dumb questions I know the answer too. Like, we'll just get out of Social Studies, and then I'll ask if there was homework. Anything to talk to him.


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