Why didn't he give me eye contact after our split?

I broke up with my ex, because he was being chased by a sad desperate women twice his age - but I found out he wasn't shooting her down he was going along with her chase...

We continued texting about things we had to sort out one was to share responsibility over a dog we had together - the dog went missing for a night - my ex got me out to look for her as he couldn't really be bothered. Next thing I know while I'm out my ex and his brother turned up - my ex never looked at me just blanked me and let his big bro talk to me.

I can't understand why my ex didn't speak for himself and why he never even gave me a second look!?

Wonder if anyone can shed some light. Thanks


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  • Guilt! Even if he didn't say it he felt guilty, that means he did something wrong(the old lady) and knows what he did was wrong so he has no defense.

    • Yep big chance it was. Does that mean he regret of this situation?

  • Probably but it is not like he is promising to reform


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