How do I get him not to hate me?

This guy I really really like, dislikes me so much I think I know why but I don't know if this is the real reason. I think maybe it's because I rejected him when he liked me. But it's been forever and he just acts like I'm such a freak. I want to be at least friends with him, but it's like I can't even talk to him, he won't even look at me. :(


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  • If you're under 18, I'm assuming this guy is a similar age. Remember, you girls mature a lot faster than we do, so he might be acting like its the end of the world, but if you continue to tell him that you really do like him he'll probably come around. He also might not want to look like the d-bag that went back to the girl that rejected him to his friends, but if that's the case, do you really want a guy who's that concerned about wht his buddies think?

    • Ya I've tried everything though, I went out and I am sure he knows I like him. So I think it's just pushing him further away. I just need to give him space, the only problem with that is he's going to graduate in 5 months, and I am still a Junior. And I am not sure he will ever talk to me again, and I really want to be friends with him, but I'll never see him again...if he never talks to me.

    • If I were you, and he has no interest in talking to you, and you might not see him again, you have 2 options, first, try to make him jealous, make him think you're seeing someone else, and see if that brings him back in, or, and I know you don't want to hear this, I would move on, also you're very young, you have a lot of time to find someone to love.

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