Girls! Girls! Girls! Short boots or supra skaters in men..?

Girls ! its about more cool casual masculine looking footwear on guys ! Do you like them in boots :

1.long boots

2.shorter ones 3.skaters or 4.supra skaters Note : Please Only tell me 'casual looking' footwear not 'school boy' kind of 'kiddo' kind of shoes.Thanks !


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  • Hi!

    I think I like it when a guy wears short boots or the supra shoes.

    Long boots are a bit weird in guys and I think that skaters look lazy on guys (but not when you're really a skater :) ).

    Why do you want to know? ;)

    • ws jst askng..wanna buy a couple of pair..skaters to me are kind of schoolboy long boots to me are kind of thnx 4 your reply Lexiee..

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