This is for African American ladies only, they know my hair?

I'm not being racist, I mean if you another color and know about African american hair then you could comment

ook, my hair used to look like this when straitened link and know ever since my roots stared to grow in some more it be a curly a puffy and my ends are all nice and soft and I used to come outta the shower with my hair like this link but shoulder length and now withe the puffy roots every time I straiten it looks like its backed combed it like crazy link but with brown hair and skin lol

should I relax my roots? my hair was mt favorite feature and now it really isn't, I had the best hair, I hate my roots there so curly and puffy


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  • if you've never had a relaxer then don't get one just use a flat iron and start from the roots but make sure you use a heat protector spray or you can cause damage...but if you've had them before then it may just be time for a touch up on your roots, since there's new growth and all...and if you want your roots not to get puffy after a shower then use a shower cap, african american hair frizzes up when water hits it pretty good (thats why everyone jokes about how black women freak out when their hair gets wet lol), and even if you don't get it technically get it wet, the steam will still make it puffy, so yeah just try a shower cap

    sorry for the rambling lol


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  • If you've ever had a perm before then that's probably why your roots are all curly. The new hair isn't permed so it's not going to stay straight.

    • aah thought so thanks

  • touch up

  • was your hair relaxed before and that's why your roots are curly?

    • or texturized?

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    • last time I went to one the burned my hair my mom told me it was because they were jealous of me haha

      ill try it

    • LOL that happened to me too a couple weeks ago. but really, I think it's better than doing it by yourself. ask for relaxer made for sensitive scalp...i think I'll get that next time lol.

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