Facial scar turn off?

Girls is it turn off if a guy has a scar on his face?I have about an inch and a half long scar on the out side of my right eye kind of goes up into my eye brow.


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  • Nope, in fact some scars can be kind of bad ass and sexy. I have a scar that runs through my eyebrow.. if you're hot, you're hot..scars don't matter much. :)

    • Ha ha thanks yeah I got it playing a rugby game

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    • Do you think the problem was not that you have a scar on your face but that the girl was a total ****? Because she sounds like a total ****.

    • She turned out to be a b...

  • hell nooo. scars look good on some people, usually not on girls. I bet you can hardly see it anyway. =)

  • Facial scars and flaws are rugged and sexy as hell


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