All I have is blue jeans, one pair of black dockers, and brown leather lace up work boots. Is this acceptable?

For all you ladies out there. Let me explain myself, my pant size is 34-36 so if I need new pants you can tack on $20 to the regular price, and since the only place I can go for new jeans are country stores (only ones with my size) without ordering them. So my blue jeans are all REALLY blue jeans for about 2 months. And since I've worn out my tennis shoes all I have left are these 7yo Justin work boots. Is this stylishly acceptable or do I need to diversify?


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  • For the most part I don't care TOO much what a man dresses like (assuming he's not wearing those skinny girl jeans they make for guys now), as long as he looks presentable and clean. It's really not all that attractive when the clothes a guy is wearing has stains or is wrinkled beyond belief. And this goes for anyone, but the clothes should fit comfortably, not too loose or too tight.

    Anyways, appearance only goes so far, personality, to me at least, is a bit more important.

    Also, I think you mean "acceptable."

    • Yes I did mean acceptable. I'm doing this on my phone.

      Since all my cloths come from the same place farmers buy feed and equipment, they are all cowboy cut. I have tons of t-shirts, a couple flannel, and one dresss shirt.

    • But you will mostly see me in a light blue t-shirt embroidered with a Mazda emblum since I work from noon to 6pm its not worth changing so I wear them all day long.

  • i wouldn't date a guy who cared little about how he looks and presents himself to the world. I prefer men who dress nicely and have some style. you definetely need some more clothes.

    • 34-36 is not an average size so even the cheapest jeanns are $60, as for the higher end stuff, really expensive. As for not careing how I look,.i do care, I shave every day keep a nice haircut and I have a plethora of shirts. Its just I don't have $100 to fork out for decent pairs of pants.

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