Would you take a hot guy over a rich who's ugly?

Would you take a hot guy over a rich who's ugly?
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  • You mean as in dating, marriage and sex? Which specifically?

    • both and also please stop by realty cheeks and see if you like what I have to say.

    • dating and sex, I'd go with the hot guy.

      marriage, I'd say neither because both of them will only be satisfied with a 9/10 pretty girl and I'm not quite up to that level.

  • The hot, defo!

    • what about a sexy naked guy lolol he has ill-meant were no mater how much he try's you can't see cloth on him.your truly.

    • Again I'll choose the hot guy, even if he's totally mad and has to go to a clinic.

  • if all things are equal I'd date the hot guy


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