Please give me new ideas on what to look for in a woman or what to develop in me?

Please give me new idea's on what to look for in a women or what to develop in me?
  • Should go for the nerdy smart look but make people fell inferior.
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  • The smart stud who those not show of his brains power to insult.
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  • Just be yourself and not be so desperate. Females can smell desperation from a mile away.


What Guys Said 2

  • You should develop your natural preferences, strengths, and interests, and not go looking for a certain type of girl. That's the simplest way to put it, but it covers it.

  • You should learn proper spelling and grammar.

    • that has nothng to do it,it's not like everybody has it.

      besides! I just freaken edit ,fuko!

      let ask would a women prefer you with your robot , academic wrinting or a soulful published poet who rising to fame like me and I have a rapping recorded deal. I mean I've been published in hight places

    • Tell me where I can find some of your poetry then?

    • I don't want give out my name to stranger ! lol

      last some fool called me and it was freaken annoying lol

      A fake internet thug

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