Ok guys, opinions please! :)

Ok, so I've read on this site that lots of guys do not like girls wearing skirts all the time. Are you referring to the skirts that are so short that it barely covers her butt? I find those very stupid looking. But I have this one skirt that I like to wear that is almost floor length. Is it bad that I wear that skirt?


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  • I think that's pretty, feminine & elegant. Wear a form flattering sweater or fitted top with it, or maybe tuck something in with a belt at the waist, & you'll be beautifully dressed for any occasion

  • To be fair, I don't think any guy would dislike an extremely short skirt. On the whole, though, long skirts don't show off the figure as well as jeans do, which makes them less popular with guys. Wear what you like, though.

    • I normally wear jeans. It's just that every once in a while I feel like wearing a skirt. Thanks though.

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