Beauty, and well, let's forget the Beast!

Hey Ladies,

All (or most of us) usually want to look our best!

Let's share beauty tips and advice!


Hopefully I get a few comments >.< lol


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    2.Use a gentle cleanser, if you don't it will only hurt your skin.

    3. Invest in a good foundation primer if not, it won't matter what foundaiton you have, it'll melt off!

    4. Toothpaste is NOT a good spot treatment for zits.

    5. A peach or rosy blush looks good on everyone!

    6. Wear a spf 15 everyday, you will have great skin when your older!

    7. When taking pictures ( dances, parties, etc.) Don't wear a foundation with SPF, you will look paler than you are.

    8. If you have freckles, don't wear heavy foundation, let them shine through!

    9. Blues eyes look good with gold and brown eyeshadows. Green eyes look good with plums and golds. Brown eyes look good with purples and darker colors! Hazel eyes look good with plums, green, and golds. Grey eyes look good with browns and pink colors. Gold eyeshadow is always flattering .

    10. With eyeliner, less is ALWAYS more.

    11. quote from my boyfriend " Id rather see zits than a face full of foundation cakey makeup."

    12. Don't wear something you don't like, even if you think you will like it later.

    13. Be youself:D


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  • Sweet deal first girl hahaha I know I am weird. And to the first guy to comment you can braid your hair at night and undo it in the morning and it is wavy and super super cute.

    Ok well never ever wear lots of makeup it's super grodey. Then there is big curls love them and ya that's it for me.

  • okay um...1.) water should be the first thing you drink in the morning

    2) Breakfast never forget to break the fasting

    3) shower with cold water as this will close your hair cuticle and bring shine to your hair (you dnt have to shower with it but at the end when your about to get out)

    4) Eat consume vitamin A for good looking skin as well as vegtebles

    5) Protein, Protein, Protein your body needs it and a lot

    6) Wear sunscreen EVEN ON CLOUDY DAYS (because the ultra-violet rays are still out strange huh)

    7) Wash\ clean your make up brushes or sponges every week or every other day.

    8) wash face after you wake up and before going to bed.

    9) change your pillow case by all means! as bacteria will be waiting for you there lol

    9.5) Don't ever brush your hair when wet because this is when it's most fragile comb it instead!

    10)LAstly, don't change for no one...

  • honey is really great for skin , washing your face with it sounds odd but it works !

    eggs , crack some chicken eggs on your hair and then wash as normal , hello shiny hair ! beer also works.

  • 1) exfoliate at least once a week

    2) always wear a foundation primer, if you wear foundation (it'll go on smoother)

    3) a good moisterizer with SPF

  • the best advice I can give is to invest in a good foundation

  • Cleasne your face twice a day to remove any dirt and bacteria and also to clean your makeup off. Lotion your face afterward. It is good if you lotion your face after you wash it. Exercise 5 times a week for at least 20mins. Eat fruit everyday. ha ha not much but yer


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