What do guys look for in a girl?

are looks extremely important, or do you prefer a great personality ? do you want someone who cracks jokes the whole time, or someone whos serious ? elaborate please(:


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  • both...

    1) looks are uber important for men. Looks are what attracts in the first place. An ugly person walks by, we don't look (or look and go 'meh'); an attractive person looks by, we look, comment on the ass and give each other high fives (yes, this is an allusion to a stereotype, but still, there is REASON for that).

    Looks attract in the first place, on short terms, so to say.

    In short: if you wanna have a one-night stand, a 'non-long-term relationship', or a FWB relationships, looks are VERY important because you want it to happen on short notice or without much fuss. If you wanna have a long term relationship, you need to attract the guy first, and as such, LOOKS ARE IMPORTANT AS WELL.

    Of course, evolutionarily, there is some function for it as well, indicating good health, good genes, good baby-sustaining capabilities (*cough* boobz *cough*), but I don't think the purpose of this question was to learn about this XD.

    2) HOWEVER, personality are just as important as well.. If you wanna go for the ultra-short-term relationship stuffs, you better have a personality fit for those. You wanna be sexy and confident, funny and attraction-worthy.

    If you wanna go for the long-term relationship, you want to be that as well. You want to have a great personality so that he will KEEP COMING BACK. Would YOU want to be in a relationship with someone who didn't have a good personality? Exactly.

    3) As with everything, a balance is best. Would YOU like to have a guy who would ONLY crack jokes and who couldn't be serious? Would YOU like to have a guy who would ONLY be serious and who couldn't be light-hearted? Of course not. There are times when funnyness and light-heartedness are to be appreciated, just as there are times when seriousness are to be appreciated. There are times when BOTH AT THE SAME TIME can be appreciated.

    The situation dictates what is the right thing to do.


    -Looks are important in generating attraction FAST, in capturing the attention.

    -Men are visual creatures, so looks generally STAY important, as they indicate health, etc.

    -Personality is more important for the long term because it signals a good character, a person worthy of your attention

    -A balance is best. Be serious when you need to be serious. Be funny when you need to be funny. Be both when you need to be both.

    -The situation dictates what is best.

    The end.

  • It's a 50-50 split. Looks get your foot in the door but there's no level of physical attractiveness that can make up for a unattractive personality.

    Of course both are subjective.


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