He won't be near me or look at me anymore...? Are they trying to tell me something?

I'm sorry if the text is kind of long, but please read anyways?

Me and this guy have been flirting with each other for quite some time now. (We've never spoken to each other). But since last week he has been ignoring me, but looking at me when I'm not looking (my friends told me this). My gut says that he's at least interested, but there's something that's not quite right. So I tend to avoid looking at him now, since he won't look at me. But if I do catch his eye, he looks almost dead and doesn't have any facial expression at all. Just a blank stare. Could it be that he has lost interest in me and telling me to back off?

But his friends keep following me around somehow and they always stare and such (in his company or not). They look at me, then look at him and smile a little, then look back at me etc (I can't recall if they have smiled at me though). They always sit down at the table next to the table I'm seated at. But the guy I like doesn't follow them anymore. He just looks at them quickly and sits down somewhere else with some other friends. Sometimes he might swing by the friends at the table next to mine, and when they guy I like is heading back to his table his friends grab his wrists and pulls him back and says "Hey! Why didn't you come and sit here?". Then they just looked at each other and smiled and let him go.

I guess I must have done something wrong since he won't be near me or look at me anymore...? He has never had any visible problem being near me before. Is he all of a sudden nervous and awkward and don't know what to do anymore or what's the deal? And what's up with his friends? Feels like they are trying to tell me something?

Please help me! I'm really confused.


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  • Yeah that's he's lost Intrestes and had moved on


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