She bought me things? Help me out on this matter?

There is a lady in my life that I called a friend, but along the line I trip for her and I try as much as possible to woo her but all my effort was turn down by this lady. I love this lady, have show her in many way but she reject my offer.

What is funny to me about this lady is that she bought me things like shoe, Pam slippers, wretch watch and belt. And always called me time to time to know if I'm OK or not because am out of job for sometime now.

Additionally, when she need a laptop she send money to me, to get it for her, when asked her why send money to get her laptop she say that, she trust me than I expect. And this disturb me a lot when ever I called her to say hello to her the way she respond to my call. Actually, am older than her, the differences is ten years and she knows.


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  • It sounds like she enjoys you chasing her. She asks for favors because she knows you'll accept. But she also could just love you a lot, as a friend...

  • Sounds like she wants to take care of someone. She could just be one of those people that needs to fix things/ ppl.


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