Guys say they like natural looking girls?

but what if some of us are naturally ugly then what are we suppose to do?


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  • Well if I can give a nerdy sounding response, attractiveness is mostly a matter of bone structure- the way your face is shaped. So no amount of makeup will change the way your face is built. Sure you smooth down "edges" and make you face *seem* to take on a different shape, you could also wear your hair over you face to change it's look. But you can only do so much with what you have, the rest comes down to complimenting your face with whatever works, as well as showing emotions on that face that give hints to your personality. If a girl were to act in a way that says she's perfectly fine with how she looks, it can change her whole image.

    • thanks, I have a thing for nerds ;) lol

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  • being "naturaly ugly" is subjective...i wouldn't worry about it too much. :)

  • guys don't like the natural look...its all about make up

  • I hate it when girls wear heaps of makeup, it does look unnatural. If you have never watched survivor look at when the contests that have been vote off return to tribal council on the jury, they always look so bad with all that makeup on, they look better when they have been out in the wildness. Having said that a little makeup can make you look hot. I love it when a girl wear blue liner like Freida Pinto at the 2009 SAG awards link also very black mascara. I think girls should keep makeup off there face and not use foundation.

    • sorry that link does not work try this one link

    • But what if a girl's skin is really bad? What if she has acne and loads of scars that she can't get rid of? I guarantee that if a girl like that didn't wear foundation, guys wouldn't take one look at her. Or atleast, they wouldn't think of her as being as attractive and would prefer her appearance with foundation.

      And concerning Frieda Pinto... you call that a little makeup?

  • Plastic surgery or put on a lot of makeup.


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