GUYS: when you look into the eyes of a girl you like, what's running through your mind??

all up there ^^^


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  • I hope I can make her happy.

    Lame? Yes probably, but let me explain. I'm the kind of sappy guy who believes that love is when you put someone elses needs above your own. When I look at a girl that I care about, all I hope is that at least once, I can have the knowledge that the joy in their lives was caused by me. Even if I know that she would be or is happier with a different guy, I can accept it as long as I know that she will feel happy.

    So yeah, my answer is corny but when a person sees a person he or she likes, is there any better thought than to hope that their love's joy will be a result of their presence or actions? I think not.


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  • He's thinking, "How did I end up with this beautiful angel?" :)

  • shes pretty ooooo ahhhhh


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