What look do you prefer?

Do you like a guy to be dressed to impress? I don't mean suits or anything like that, but someone who tends to wear button ups and polos or do you like a guy who only looks nice on occasion usually wearing t shirts ? I know its a preferential thing but I'm curious,


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  • I like both. A guy wearing button ups and polos tends to look more professional and seems to care about his appearance--which is pretty attractive--but in college everyone's laid back so the t-shirt look can be cool too. As long as he looks like he cares about his appearance at least somewhat then it can be attractive.

  • Button ups and polos can look really sexy when wearing them on occassion for sure. But all the time it looks like too much. Once in awhile though, switching from a t-shirt into a polo shirt or button up shirt is a shock and looks really good.


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