Does hair gel make your hairs fall off?

Is there a link between the two at all? because I always heard that when I was at primary and secondary school (religious schools) and that thought have grown up with me even though I don't seem to find anything about that on the internet...

Second question is, how do you style your hair with gel if your hair is thinning already (and became so thin) and are there any guidelines for using it with minoxidil?



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  • What my stylist told me was that if you let the hair gel get onto your scalp, it'll block the hair follicle, and eventually it'll damage it so much that the hair will stop growing. Or maybe if the hair gel is really low quality and is made up of really bad chemicals, it'll ruin the quality of your hair (and result in it thinning)...I don't know anything about minoxidil? Hope this helps.

    • thanks, about the minoxidil thing, it's a spray men use to stop hair loss, I'm wondering how to use that with gel.

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