Cute, Handsome, Hot or Sexy?

Can you give definition of each of them from your point of view? Because from time to time I either get called cute, handsome, hot or sexy and I think it the same.


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  • Well they all can mean the same thing. If a girl thinks you're "hot" she may say you're cute cause she is too shy to say "you're hot". But if a girl doesn't like you that way she may say you're cute. Meaning you have good features, like a good smile, funny laugh, pretty eyes, etc... Handsome. To me handsome is saying you look good and you're dateble. Hot is you have that good body or good muscles. And sexy is like you look ood all over. Perfect face, eyes, body, laugh. Hope this helped :)

  • cute: cute.. I donno I don't use this lol ..maybe a bit shy/babyface?

    handsome: very attractive (in the face) sexy smile, nice bone structure, defined jaw :)

    hot: nice body, handsome, attractive (a combination maybe kind of like sexy but hot is alittle artificial

    sexy: mostly in the face but involves body also. (sexy has all positive aspects: face/body/attitude) its more natural and real

    i don't know if this was really helpful it may be contradicting lol :)


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