Girls: What kind of facial hair do you prefer on guys?

Up there ^ And why?
  • No facial hair
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  • Stubble
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  • Beard
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  • In between stubble and a beard
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  • Other - elaborate please
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  • i prefer none. it seems as soon as a guy can grow a beard, he does. I don't know why. his peach fuzz looks stupid. for older guys (20+), sometimes a little stubble is hot. but think about this- if you plan on making out with your girl or going down on her, don't grow a beard. its really uncomfortable for the girl and you're not gonna get any action.

    • I personally hate having facial hair. But my facial hair grows really quickly and I can't be bothered to shave it like every 2 days so I let it grow a bit before I next shave it. I don't let it grow as far as a beard though. I've just got used to having stubble for that reason.

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  • i like guys with facial hair but not a full on beard. different styles suit different men but I like it, it just makes them look manly and like they have gone through puberty. lol.

  • It depends on the guys face--either a beard or a clean shave ---- sometimes the stuble and beard looks is dirty (as it not attractive)

  • None. I'm not a fan of facial hair.

  • well I actually prefer no facial hair, but seeing the guy I like with stubble just turns me on (I have no idea why)

    it depends on how it looks


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