Wavy hair & Pale skin = Attractive?

Hey, I have a naturally pale skin tone (like paper white lol) I recently started using tanning lotion, so I'm now a more natural golden color yay! & I have chocolately brown hair that's naturally wavy & it's thick. I recently got it thinned out, which I do every so often. (like this, link I was wondering if some guys out there find this combo pretty?

(I also have really blue eyes with naturally long lashes)

I'm also wondering what does cute, sexy, pretty, ect. mean in guy talk?


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  • pale skin & dark hair can be very attractive. (in fact, anything can be attractive - different strokes for different folks)

    in medieval times having a pale complexion was so desirable that women would rub (poisonous) lead oxide into their skin to make themselves fair: if you were tanned it showed you had to work outside for a living like a peasant ;)

    for myself, the raven-hair, pale skin, blue-eyed celtic look is one of my favourite combinations (but I have plenty of others ;) ). that combo is more of a "classic" look than dark hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, imho (dark hair + tan usually implies dark eyes).

    as to your other question - cute, sexy, pretty, etc can mean different things to different people, and about different people. I think my friend's daughter is cute, but she's not sexy ;) I think my niece is pretty, but I'm not going to call *her* sexy either ;) I've known women who are sexy but haven't been "classically" pretty - that can be as much about attitude as anything else.

    it's a difficult question to quantify, but at least you didn't ask what "hot" meant :P ;)


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