When it comes to girls rejecting guys, what's the biggest factor that causes it?

Is it mostly looks? Because I know girls prefer personality, or so they say. Don't tell me its another "we say it but don't mean it" thing again is it?

Whats the biggest factor? and what are the secondary factors?


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  • Personality. If we don't click in any way then I am going to reject you; if you're not good looking but we have a personality spark, you have a much, much better chance than a great looking guy who's nothing like me. Looks play into it, of course, because I'm not going to pursue you if I don't find you at least somewhat attractive, but personality can go a long way in making you attractive. More than once I've found myself attracted to a guy after talking to him, when the evening prior I probably wouldn't have considered going out with him.


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  • I'd probably say looks or disinterest are the most common.

    Secondary, most likely the way you act/ how you do things?

  • As bad as this sounds, the first factor is looks :( even though men are more visual, women are visual too. You don't want to have to kiss all over someone who you don't think is remotely attractive. But personality is also a huge factor, nd can change a girl's perspective on a guy. A guy can be really sexy but not attractive because of his horrible personality. Likewise, he can not be as cute but be really attractive because of his personality.

    Secondary factors would be things like morals, beliefs, favorite things, how you handle certain situations, etc..

    Other factors are like personal style, hygiene, etc...

    This is how I rate my guys)

  • it could be because she doesn't like you in that way or she already has a boyfriend or she has her eye on someone else and doesn't wanna ruin her chances because she's with u!

  • Looks or he said or did something to turn me off.


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