Is this guy attracted to me, should I talk to him, or should I stop the wishful thinking?

Theres this guy who lives on campus with me in practically the same building. Everytime I see him he's always looking at me/staring at me. When he's having a cig and I'm walking up a few meter behind him to get to the dining halls its like he knows that its me walking and he turns around on his bench and stars at me with those icy/dreamy blue-gray eyes. When he's sitting outside talking with friends I'm walking past and he always stares at me and sometimes I think I can see a little hint of a smirk on his flawless skin. but he never says anything to me just looks at me, and I never stop to say anything to him, and I never hold his gaze I look at him catch him staring at me, look at him a few more seconds then look away. Then today I was walking next to him (coinsidently) and he looked me and I thought he was going to say something but I was in a rush, (and I mean he slowed turned his head and looked) then I saw him a second time having a cig on the bench outside the building and he was staring at me again?

What does this mean? Y does he keep staring at me, or is it just me thinking crazy?

Would it hurt to innocently start convo with him. Because I am so sexually attracted to him its not even funny, with his tall, slim/lean figure, icy blue-gray eyes, long brown hair, and brown trimmed goatee.

mm mmm mmm


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  • lol..ask him his number


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