Should I call/ message him or is it just a waste of time?

Hey guys!

A month ago, I had this thing going on with a guy I still like. He called me a lot, I was more passive. Than we had a date, we made out too but then it was over, he didn't call or message me again after this. Usually I'd say he's just not that into me. But I didn't always treat him right, I was kinda backing up because the whole thing was at this time somehow too emotional for me. But he's still looking at me with this special kind of look...I think I don't have to loose anything if I just like message him and try to be in contact with him, do I? Or would that just be a waste of time and emotions? What do you think?


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  • Like you said, you have nothing to lose! Message him once, if you get a reply then yay if not at least you won't have the, "what if" doubt in your mind :)


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