Fat calves? Very unattractive?

I have a genetic disease, and because of that I've got quite short legs. My knees and calves are quite big (I can't wear boots). I'm not overweight (normal bmi), but I have chunky legs with wide hips and a small upper body.

So does that make a girl unattractive? And is it a big turn-off?
Something like this: link


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  • No, I kind of like that... specially the wider hips... I think if you wear the right thing that flatters the shape of your figure, it could make you look more shapely than big, & you'd look AWESOME!

    • thank you :)

      but would you say I'm fat (big)?

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    • Yes, I like your suggestions. I normally wear pants (skinny jeans) + top with a (waist) belt. But I wanted to know what do people think about my legs, because I'm going to a party and I'm going to wear a dress or a skirt (not that short).

    • They're sexy! I don't find them FAT or overly big AT ALL, & dresses & skirts are really feminine so I think you'd look really cute & pretty in them, & that your legs will look great in them as well! I'd go for it!

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  • Are you a little person? That's what it looks like in the pic

    • i'm 5'0''.

    • I meant a midget. but 5'0" means you're not. I'll be honest though I'm not really attracted to the girl in the picture. That's just me though. All guys are different

  • i like that body shape.

  • Aww... I can't really say because I don't know you. =)


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  • You have curves... Witch means your a women, not a little girl.

  • Your a curvy girl, guys like that :)

    • Good curvy or bad curvy? :))

      Do you think it's OK to wear skirts/dresses (a bit longer)..or are pants better?

    • Good curvy, I'd like to be curvy tbh!

      If you have the right top with a skirt then it will look fab :)

      Dresses are good with a belt for curvier girls :) xx

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