Who do you look up to? Who inspires you and why?

Question says it all

God is the one and only person I look up too, for many reasons.


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  • anyone who isn't afraid to stand up for their beliefs

    • sweet heart. I have to say short and simple but wow perfect answer

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  • I'm way out of God's league, so I look up to people who you could arguably say are a mortal extension of Him. Kind of like the really nice people who've helped me and have influenced me in some way, during the course of my life.

  • any kind of challenge inspires me!

    i don't look at any person for inspiration...

  • Not really anybody now that I think about it... :/

    • wat about yourself?

    • You can't look up to yourself. You look up to somebody when they have qualities and characteristics that you hope to one day have yourself, so how could you look up to yourself? There's certainly people that I admire and have respect for, but I've never really had any stable role models to look up to, so I don't really look up to anybody...

    • Believe in yourself. Believe you can do things you thought you can't. I guess

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  • My mom, she amazes me and motivates me to work hard for the things I want in life.

    My best friend, for being so compassionate and outgoing.

    My dad, for being so damn smart : )

    My little brother, for being hilarious and for knowing how to not care about the negative things other people might think and say.

  • My parents. Because as much as they don't belong together anymore, they built an amazing life for me that I take for granted. It isn't endless wealth, but I live extremely comfortably, and they have always been able to support me financially. These are two people who grew up in the projects with barely a dime to their names, and watched almost all their brothers and sisters drop out of high school, get shot, get addicted to something, have endless amounts of kids that they can't take care of, be killed, etc. They have had to struggle and sacrifice so much to overcome poverty. People never guess that they are from there because of the way they carry themselves, but they never forget where they came from and all the hell they went through to get where they are. I look up to them tremendously in this way, even though we fight all the time and disagree on a lot of things. I doubt I could do what they did. I'd probably be a crack whore on welfare right now if it were not for them. I'm lazy, and trying to work on that.

    Also...so many people. I get inspired daily by different stories I hear about or people I meet. Not that I have any serious expectation or aspiration to be rich but Oprah.

    Ray Bradbury.There's something in his writing that leaves me in awe. I love his style, his technique.

    Richard Dawkins for being a proponent of atheists "coming out." Plus, he's a genius which helps too. The God Delusion is one of my favorite books.

    Crystal Renn, a plus size model who battled anorexia for a long time at a very young age, and pulled through to experience great success at a healthy weight.

    Michael Jackson for being one of the greatest, most philanthropic, legendary artists of all time and the voice of a generation or two.

    J.K. Rowling. I want to marry her someday maybe. lol

    Lots of people. I think there's more sources for inspiration in this world than go noticed, so much more beauty and passion beneath the surface.

  • I've always had enormous amounts of respect for Martin L. King.

    Also, I swear God's meant to be a higher power than us.. So it's not really a person?

    • I mean I look up to him for help, when I am down and that

    • I realise, but you called it a person, and isn't that one of the points of religion? The Gods are more powerful than us, all knowing, wise, yadda yadda?

    • oh I guess so.

  • Jesus

    Mother Teresa

    Eleanor Roosevelt


    No explanation needed for these people

    • Ah, yeah I forgot to add Ghandiji, and I just recently watched the movie Ghandi too. It moves me every time : )

  • At the moment,Will Ferrell and Sasha Barron Cohen.I respect them as artists and how humble they are.

  • bob barker

  • :)


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