How do guys like girls makeup/outfits?

in the title really.. would you prefer natural looking, say casual clothes and fresh looking. or do you like the dressy girl with a bit more eye makeup and lip gloss?


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  • I kind of like casual & not TOO much makeup, but dressy is feminine & pretty as well, & a major turn on. Guys like different things about girls... My favorite part of a figure is the girls waist & curves, & I like any kind of outfit that shows that off, which covers a lot of ground. A fitted tee shirt that comes to right around the top of the waistline can do that... I think a little longer shirt belted at the waist is HIGHLY cute & stylish - very IN right now, & on girls that LIKE it, a think a shirt tucked in to jeans or a skirt (or such) is SOOOOO cute & sexy, & stylish as well, but I know it's really not liked or "in style" now days so I'd never as a girl/gf to wear that or any style she didn't think was right for her. Really, though, a cute outfit, makeup or hair style are just added bonuses. They get me to notice, & maybe get a foot in the door, but the girl just being nice to me & being herself is what's gonna make me stick around or come back! Bottom line, my favorite thing for ANY girl to wear is HER favorite, or what she likes & feels is cute. There are SOOOO MANY cute styles out there, & I've seen so much cute clothes taking my BFF shopping, I trust the girl's judgement best! Hope it helps...


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  • Depending on the event/situation she's in, but for everyday wear...

    She would have to fashionable, have style like but not limited to, girls in the media because, the average guy tends to see celebrities and think subconsciously, "thats how a girl should be/look like"

    I know it sounds shallow and self-centred to think a girl should be someone else and dress like a celeb or something... but that's what we are accustomed to through the media and such.

    Sad to say.

    If you like the high end, fashionable dressy/makeup on 24-7 type of girl to be, guys will be into that, I would.

    Yet, when you say casual, and fresh looking... that can as also be fashionable as in... sweats and and tank top/american apparel sweater on... still so attractive!

    I'd prefer both.. as long as she was comfortable and confident in what she was wearing, & make be believe she put effort into her outfit, it would show.

    Go with what you feel is good/hip/cool/awesome and guys will be all over that no matter what.

    Make this the best answer !

  • Casual and fresh.


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