What do guys look for in a girl?

Looks, personality?
so do you have stereotypes in America?

Whats typical for an American to say?


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  • Both can be deal breakers, but for the looks to be a deal breaker she has to be real ugly. Now for personality to be a deal breaker, it can very. Looks, in my eyes, are NEVER a deal MAKER though. But personality can very easily be a deal maker. Only time personality can't be a deal maker is when the girl is just too ugly. She would make an excellent friend, but not someone I would personally want to date. Now keep in mind this is my own personal opinion on the matter. Every guy has their own thing with what turns them on and off. What I might find real ugly, another guy might find hot as hell, and vice versa. What might turn me on about a girls personality, might be what turns another guy off. So your best bet is to just be you. The right guy will eventually come along. And over time there CAN be more than one guy who is right for you. Everyone has at least several people that they actually meet that are compatible with them.

    • Do you think I am one of those ugly girls?

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    • haha yeah, so like I was saying I like foreign accents and dialects. Your accent sounds so amazing, and turns most Americans, not all, but most Americans on. And your dialect is so interesting, that you could talk about something so common, but since we aren't used to hearing it said in that way, we will sometimes become fascinated by such simple talk.

    • You're best bet is, instead of asking it as an extra question on here. Make a whole new question with your headline being about american stereotypes. You SHOULD get a much more replies.

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  • Fo some, it is the looks. Some others, it is the personality. Yet still some other like both in a girl.

    Me, I can't say what for sure I like in a woman. Maybe it's just because they are women. They are all attractive in their own way (well, mostly). Only thing I don't like is when a girl says mean things a lot (even if it is not directed at me) and also the piercings in places other than ears. I absolutely hate those piercings. They just look too unnatural.


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