What hair color do you prefer on your significant other?

What hair colour do you prefer on your significant other?

  • Blonde
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  • Brown
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  • Black
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  • Red
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  • No preference in hair color at all.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • His natural hair color.

    • so, you've got no preference at all, right?

    • I like dark hair. But if he is my Significant other I don't really care.

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What Guys Said 3

  • Another "no preference." I guess "natural" would be best. Red heads are generally hot I've found (and fun study showed they, as in red headed girls, have the most sex and more open to stuff lol), but I've been interested in girls with black hair, brown hair, light brown hair, etc. Doesn't matter in the long run.

  • Brown. But her natural hair colour. So yeah, just, brunette.

  • Voted E cause I like their natural hair color. No fake stuff!

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