If a guy is really good looking?

If a guy is really good looking, do you expect him to approach you? I think a lot of girls want to get to know me, but they may think I have a girlfriend or am not interested because I usually keep it cool and not approach girls. I absolutely love it when a hot girl approaches me.


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  • If your that good looking they may think they don't stand a chance with you, or you wouldn't be interested. Easiest thing you talk to them first

    • what do girls usually think of really good looking guys? do they think "oh my god, he's too good looking, he won't like me, I just shut up and not talk" cause I noticed that lots of times girls talk to my friends and ask about me, and not approach me directly.

    • I wouldn't talk to a really good looking guy, I would think he hadn't even noticed me. If these girls you like are asking about you then there intrested they may not know what to speak to you about if you are shy.

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