There's this guy I like and my friend thinks he might like me too. He's the new kid so I've only seen him once!!

Well I've seen him once in school and I really like him my friends think he might like me to, he stares at me a lot I can feel it and my friends see him staring at me, me, him and two other people got paired up in science class, I've never talked to him before only time I actually talked to him was when I asked him if he had any ideas for the project but he just shyly nodded never even looked at me just stared at his shoes, me and his friends are kinda close we were actually friends first before he was when ever I look at him he's just looking at his shoes or the desk or at one of his friends but when I'm totally focused on work or I'm helping my friends he's always watching me I can feel it plus when I glance over it's true he is watching me he tries to hold my eye but I myself is kind of shy so yeah but when we were in math class he was talking to his friends (the BOYS table is in front of us) then all of a sudden ALL of his friends turned and looked back at me, my friends say it's a sign, I wish it was but I'm not sure, I really like him but are to shy to say it, anyways this same SORTA thing happened before my old crush used to stare at me constantly and he smiled at me a lot when ever I talked to him NO one else mattered my stupid friends asked him if he likes me after I told her not to and he said NO he likes this older girl in grade 9, so that's why I'm kinda scared I don't want what happened to that other kid to happen to this one, I really really really like him more than the old guy... I guess I'm just a sucker for light blue eyes <3... But anyways it would be nice to get a reply from a shy guy himself so I know what I'm dealing with or maybe who's been through the same thing, anyways I need feedback ASAP! Please help me!


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  • Well go ahead and get a hold of him but start off as friends and get to know him more before you take him by suprice.


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