What are hair do and don'ts?

This question is for everyone! What are your hair turn ons and offs? Long hair, short hair, red hair, blue hair, arm hair, leg hair, facial hair... you get the idea explain what you feel about any type of hair anywhere and give your opinion on good and bad or if there even are any. :)


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  • I don't like hair do's like these: link link I don't want a woman's hair to be shorter than Cassadee Pope's. And I don't like women with any body hair.

    Long straight,medium,and side bangs,pony tails, and pig tails are great. I don't mind a woman that has a hairdo like the singer Mixi.


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  • i actually find messy hair sexy, the whole "just woke out of bed look"

    i prefer dark hair

    nappy hair is a turn off

    smelly hair is a turn off

    dandruff hair is a turn off

    greasy/ unwashed hair is a turn off

    hair with too much gel and hairspray is a turn off

    long and short hair is nice , I like :)

  • i love:

    styled hair

    hair that has a good scent \ clean

    long hair

    maintained hair

    blonde\black\dark brown hair

    soft\supple\smooth\tangle free hair

    Braides \or the look of unbraided hair


    bad scented\dirty hair

    flaky hair

    too much product on hair

    sticky hair\nappy\tangled

    curly hair (its harder to maintain)

    short hair

  • Most guys like girls with hair up to their shoulders or longer, and minimal body hair.

    Keep your eyebrows in shape. He won't notice your brand new eyebrow wax, but defined brows also just bring out your features really nicely, and guys do notice when girls let themselves go and don't take care of their eyebrows for months (i've heard guys say these things, I'm a freak about having perfect eyebrows and I can barely go two weeks withuot getting mine done even though I don't have unibrow or gorilla brow syndrome, I just like a perfect arch all the time)

    make sure your legs are shaved.

    be clean down there

    if you have a mustache or unibrow, nobody should ever know it.

    i'd love to get all my body hair removed forever (except for hair on my head, eyelashes, and eyebrows-but if they could laser them into a perfect arch forever that would be great). I'm not even particularly hairy, but imagine having smooth legs forever..that would be great



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