Is it better to be called hot or beautiful??

Guys please help me out!

Also if I guy says your really gorgeous does he really mean it or is he just saying it to be nice?


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  • Hot only express interest in your physical being. Beautiful is the whole package looks personality and brains to me. Gorgeous is more of a comment to your physical self than beautiful. I rarely dish out compliments like this to girls so if I say it I definitely mean it.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Yes...

    OK not really a good answer, but guys don't tend to hold back on that subject, unless you're really not. It's superficial and shallow, but true in this backwards world we live in.

    if I had to say:

    Hot = putting you on the "sex ladder" + wants you to feel good about yourself

    Beautiful = physically attractive + personal emotional attachment + wants to make you feel good about yourself.

    but that's just me, no clue what other guys think.

  • well any compliment can be fake. also hot is usually a sexual attraction, gorgeous is just looks 99 perent of the time and beautiful is usually just looks but can be combintation of things

  • Beautiful, and yes he means it.


What Girls Said 1

  • I say Beautiful is better to be called rather then hot.

    But that's personally.

    Beautiful is more of a male liking a chicks personality not their looks which is a good thing, because I agree that personality overrules looks.

    Hot is more saying I would root you then boot you!

    But if the guy isn't really like that but which male isn't these days?

    It means he thinks you fu**ing sexy!


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