How much do you really care about stretch marks?

Hypothetical question... if you were in a relationship with a girl and you really honestly did care about her if not love her, would you be turned off by the fact that she has stretch marks on her stomach? But she isn't fat, she lost a lot of weight and they just kind of showed up?


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  • who cares about stretch marks... either one of two ways- you was either big and got small, or you was small and got big... bottom line... if a man is in love with a woman, whether she is fat, big, or skinny... he will accept her... most guys are not superficial... some actually LIKE their women to be 'zaftig' (look that word up)... my girlfriend was a sz 24 wen we started dating... now she's a 16. I would love her if she was 600 lbs (and would prob chase her around like she's Megan Fox)... I fell in love with HER, not her t*ts, her ass, her shape.. all those things were the 'chrome on the hubcap', so to speak. You are in the age group where most guys and gals are still VERY idealistic, very gulible. Men who love their women don't care about stuff like stretch marks...


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  • They probably won't notice. I have stretch marks like on my booty lol and my ex didn't seem to care or notice it, you just have to be comfortable in your own body because they will sense it.


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