Why are people so drawn to the looks?

We most of the time say that they don't have great matter but please if there's a person who truly are meaning this to say. I wonder if there's on the planet someone who's really drawn to the personality. I just want to know why guys are always looking for someone like Megan Fox and girls why they are always jealous of beautiful girls or girls prettier than them if even they are friends.


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  • Looks definitely matter. But they're not the entire part of the equation. The thing is, most of the time how a person looks is our first impression of them so you've got to pass that first "test" so to speak. But not every guy is looking for a Megan Fox clone and you'll be surprised that most men have a wide range of looks they are attracted to. You wouldn't want a guy who is only attracted to looks anyway.

    For the record, studies have shown that women are just as guilty as men in focusing on looks. It's just the truth that men and women concentrate on looks. I guess the key is not to fight it, but just understand it's part of life and realize that it's only part of the equation.

    • Yep. It's pnly a part of the whole big stuff. But it's embarrassing sometimes when it all comes to the looks. You know if you meet somebody but she's with her back to you, you'll wait to see what she looks alike. Even if she's wearing nice clothes and has a "perfect" body. Then you'll decide to talk or not with her.

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    • Well for me, if she's got a good book and she's in line to buy some camping gear (or whatever your interests may be) I'll talk to her. Plus knowing that we've got at least a few things in common I feel like I've already gotten past the looks and she's got to really be someone I'm not attracted to for me to not want to get to know her better. And everyone's impression of hot is different. So maybe she's not that guy's pretty, cute, hot face, but she may be the next guy in line's impression of hot

    • I know your frustration though. I just got shot down because apparently I'm not her type. She doesn't really know me, but we do have some mutual friends and they were the ones that actually convinced me to ask her out because they thought we would really hit it off. It was almost like getting set up on a blind date, she saw me and said no thank you. From what they were saying, we would have a lot in common. At least enough to go out a few times to see where it leads. But what are you going to do

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  • It is true that beauty catches the eye and personality catches the heart. Of course you will find some people who look past the looks and goes straight for personality, like myself. I wouldn't say all women are jealous of others who are prettier than them, but that usually is the case. I don't get jealous very easily so it doesn't really apply to me...

  • Well not all girls are jealous of girls prettier than them. It's usually an insecure girl who doesn't want to admit to herself that she is insecure that has a big issue with pretty girls. Personally, if a girl I know is prettier than me (or at least I think she is), I get a little upset, but I can move past it by paying her a compliment on whatever I think that she has that is nice (figure, hair, etc.). Then I don't dwell on it. Only an insecure girl is jealous and acts out on her feelings about a prettier women.

    As for men, I'm not a guy (of course) but there are some men who are not shallow and would date a girl that they don't feel are "HOTT" for other reasons. Men tend to be more visual when it comes to us and that's why it seems that they are all shallow. It's more of a sexual thing. I have many guy friends who like a hot girl like Megan Fox but they would only screw her. It depends on what that particular guy is looking for, his taste in women, etc.

    • Well I just wanted to know this. They're so drawn because of the sexual side. This is important that a guy should get you as a HOT. But this is a kind of phenomenon that they are so drawn to the looks. I don't mean make up I mean if you are natural hot.

      And I don't think if a girl is insecure (as I am unfortunately) is jealous of a prettier girl. Insecurity is itself. I don't hate prettier girls I'm even not jealous of them. But I feel deeply insecure.

      Thanks and good luck!

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