Guys and girls, what do you like girls to wear?

what kind of clothes and accessories? which style and why?


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  • short skirts, spandex, low cut stuff like that. If you have a salacious belly and juicy legs, then show it off.


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  • My favorite accessory is a cute belt... I like when girls have them on jeans and through the belt loops, or when a girl has a longer top and has it belted around the top... I've seen girls, though, where I saw their belts for a second, but their shirts came down way past that & they had hiked the bottom up some to reach into their pockets... BIG disappointment... Covering it kind of defeats the purpose! I also like when girls wear ear rings or jewelery, & I LOVE head bands or barrettes in the hair! That's another look that I remember being popular & then fading out, but so did belted tops so maybe the hair accessories will come back into style too...

    • On a girl that likes it, my favorite STYLE is tucked in tees & tops... However, if I saw a girl dressed like this my heart would melt


  • Pretty much anything.. I like when my Girlfriend tucks blouses into nice pants or skirts, but it's HER signature style... Even the smae dressen up look but with the tops tucked out looks pretty & sophisticated.. Then again, I LOVE seeing a girl in jeans and a tee shirt, or even a cute hoodie or sweater My BFF got some cute pull on pants with a heart print, & she uses them more for lounging or sleeping, but sometimes if she's just running to the store or to get food & wants to stay comfy, she'll wear them out with a tee or top & she looks really cute and stylish... It depends on the girl and what she likes, & I find the ones the girls feel are the cutest and most flattering on themselves normally are...


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