How do I get him to change his style without hurting his feelings?

My new guy is so sweet, we are in the first stages of dating, and I don't wanna hurt his feelings. But he's 35 and dresses with the style that was in about 10 years ago. He would look really good in today's style of jeans, like American Eagle or something, and maybe his shirt out instead of tucked in, maybe if he'd let his hair grow back out a little because he has beautiful natural curly hair, but he keeps it shaved off. He really needs to get up to date on the way he dresses, what should I do ? I know peole notice. He's not that great looking, but the changes I spoke of here could really improve his looks. Any advice ?

3 months later,guess what ? I love him, he is so cool and so awesome, I could care less about how he cuts his hair or wears his clothes. funny how when you really care 4 someone, the outside really don't matter as long as they are clean. he rocks ! LOL


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  • hmm - he's a big boy, now , so hopefully can take some loving advice.

    having said that, some guys can be touchy about their "look" (they still think it's 1989, for example), and can read criticism as attack or rejection, so keep it friendly.

    maybe the best approach is to ask if he will do you a favour & let you style him up the way you've been imagining. guys tend to like "helping" & "giving to" their girls, so this approach would give him the chance to give you something (his time & patience)

    keep it casual, and don't put it in the context of going out or something - just play dress-ups one day & see if your vision works out (& give him the chance to see how it looks). making a big deal out of how good/sexy he looks will probably help reinforce the message ;)

    for the hair - getting him to grow it is as easy as stroking his head whilst making out & saying that you'd love to run your fingers through his hair. ;)

    in short, be honest, don't try to trick him, and let him take baby steps towards the look you'd like

    good luck


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  • You could always offer to go shopping with him. The thing is, you can only suggest things but to tell him you don't like how he dresses is not nice. I don't care if he dresses like he's from the 80's. That's his preferance. Upon suggesting some new styles be aware he may get offended. Clothes don't matter all that much they are just clothes. What really matters is the personality and how they treat you. It doesn't matter what others think.