Guys only, at a party what first attracts you to a girl you've never met before?

what sort of clothes would you like her to wear?

what conversation topics would you find the most interesting to talk about with her?

Personality preference? E.g quiet and modest but interesting to talk to or bubbly and lively.

Do you find curly, wavy or straight hair the most attractive in a woman with dark blond hair?

Thanks in advance :)


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  • The girls that catch my eye are the ones that look the most approachable, which depends on how drunk I am haha. The easiest for me is if I see a girl dancing by herself when most of her friends are dancing with other guys. Obviously if a girl is good looking I will be attracted but it's usually what she's doing that will decide if I approach her or not.


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  • The question is easy to answer.

    If you want to underline your figure, wear a mini-jack and a tight white top. If you're hot, the guys will be totally addicted to you, it's easy to see that in every club.

    Conversation? Just talk about what you like! And be lively! I like curly hair, but just ask other people what looks good on you.

  • nothing, I personally don't pay any attention to girls at a party


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