Stretch marks how can I reduce the appearance of them?

how can I reduce the appearance of them ?


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  • I don't know where you live, but I bought something called bio oil after having my second child it really helped reduce mine, you can rub it on them directly or put a few drops in the bath, also good for reducing the appearance of scars, I am in the uk so it may be under a different name where ever you live, but I can recommend it, worked wonders for me

    • called the same thing here lol!

    • ha ha well sometimes they have different names and I wasn't sure if you would know what I was talking about lol, I paid ?8.95 not sure what the conversion rate is, but for the money its really good, you only need a drop at a time and it really has helped mine, but once you have them you can't get rid of them :(

    • I paid ? 8.95 should be, I paid ?8.95, not sure how I ended up hitting the ? instead of ?

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