Girls - Need help on new hair style

So my hair is pretty much medium/short with bangs in the front - I don't really comb it or do anything with it.

Im looking for a new style that's medium or short, something that you ladies find attractive but also professional since I'm just starting my career.

if you can't explain a haircut, show a link to a picture if possible.

Thanks ladies =)


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  • Well I don't know what kind of hair you have (straight, wavy, curly) so I'll just tell you what I think ylooks hot and professional. I think shorter hair looks more professional. Like bangs hanging in you're eyes doesn't look clean. You're going to want to keep it tight.

    I think this type of hair is nice



    However, if you really like the bangs,


    I think that all of these haircuts are sexy. I just think you shouldn't have bangs IN YOUR EYES. Having bangs is okay, but they have to be maintained. I think the little bit of spiking it up looks fabulous. Very clean and very attractive. Hope I helped :)

  • I think this one looks so sexy on any guy:


    Even sexier if there's a little bit of a bang or a few loose strands in the face ;)

    • i disagree, that style looks good because the model has a good face for it. that haircut looks like sh*t on most people. to properly answer your question send a link of a picture of yourself and then people can help you from there.

    • I don't think so, I see a lot of guys (some ugly) with some variation of this cut. But a picture would def help to pick out a good hairstyle (to the asker)

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