My mom is country and I'm scene?

My mom is always trying to shove her country music and style down my thought. And its really starting to p*ss me off. Because I my favorite kind of music is screamo type stuff and she told me:

'that if I listen to that sh*t anymore I will beat the sh*t out of you, start listening to stuff music I do. It will be better for you.'

and she just doesn't stop even though she can see that I'm anything but country, my clothing or hair or anything I do is country

so my question is how do I deal/ tell her that I don't like her music?
what mainly pisses me off is in anything but country..the way I do my hair (teased..look up how us silly scene kids do it) and well I like just screamo, their electronica as well as dance and my mom says its all crap and to me its not because to me :P
my mom it isn't religin..thats for sure.. my mom doesn't like stuff like blackvailbrides or screaming on the dance floor but she likes braking benjamin and linkin park she says that she screaming is stupid, I tell her becuase you don't no what their saying..


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  • Well the best thing to do maybe is for you and your mom to call a truce sit down and talk to her maybe maybe bend the truth and tell her she's hurting your feelings and pushing you away, tell her if she doesn't push you around about your music and bother you about it you'll ignore her country bullsh*t, honestly I hate both genres but if that's your thing that's your thing you can't help what you like, your mom trying to change who you are and what you listen to isn't right it would be like you trying to force her to change herself and her music


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  • wow I feel sorry for you! your mom should never talk to you like that... and if she does again, in all fairness you can say "well tough sh*t, deal with it". it's maybe not the best way to say it to her, but considering the way she expresses her feelings to you it's fine. then again, dude, she's actually right about the screamo music- it really is sh*t.

  • is your mom religious?

    just be honest with her.

    honestly that's the best thing you can do. yeah she may get mad but if you don't tell her she'll keep doing it and itll cause problems between you two. but do it in a respectful way, don't yell at her or put up some attitude cause thatll make it worse. and your mom needs to learn to respect your choices.

    and if your moms threatening to beat the sh*t out of you, you might want to talk to someone else, unless you know she was doing it in a joking matter.


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  • Whoa, that's mean! I was into Kiss, Ozzy, Judas Priest & Van Halen when I was your age. My mom didn't ike it, but she stomached it EXCEPT for Black Sabbath, because she found it offensive! Now I like my old stuff, PLUS Korn, Disturbed & stuff AND the stuff my parents played, but less often. Is your mom that way because it offends her religious beliefs? If not, you can TRY to talk to her, tell her you won't do anything sleezy or inappropriate & that it''s just NOT the "in thing" that people listen to & dress like, & it makes you unhappy. (Besides, peopel your age that ARE don't wear the "Urban Cowboy" honky tonk cowboy/girl shirts all tucked into jeans like her crowd does or used to, becauyse the style, while CUTE on the right person, is DEAD! C & W singers & fans just DON'T dress that way anymore! (I've been chatting with a country girl on this site, & she said she's NEVER dressed that way!) If she STILL won't be reasonable, then I hate to suggest anyone do anything wrong, but is there a way you can change at a friend's house so she don't see your clothes? Maybe play your music on headphones? I feel SOOO MUCH for you & I hope it gets better! :D

    • That's true, she DOESN'T know what they're saying! Hearing someone sing your thoughts can make you feel like your OWN pain's being released! I wish I could tell you how to get through to her, but you're being tru to YOURSELF, & that's what counts! If it WASN'T YOU, you wouldn't be secene, you'd be what was...

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