Chunky girl fashion show!?

Okay so, What kinda clothes generally look good on a chunky girl, a bigger girl/thick girl. What ever you call us. My styles vary. Just wanting to know if there are any ideas. Thinking about trying something different. What looks good? Thanks :)


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  • My gfs weight is evenly distributed & in her hips & curves, so she tucks in her shirts & looks more curvy then chunky. If you carry the wight in your tummy (I DO!) then maybe a top with a banded bottom, or something flowy that sillhouetes the tummy without hugging it or calling attention. I FIRMLY believe that even if a girl is heavy, something TOO baggy can make her look heavier. However, something too tight in the areas where the weight gathers can have the same effect. The vest looks cute in that one picture, & I think it's flattering. BUT, some girls with your build feels it draws too much attention to their weight. Well, to quote Hagrid, I say that's COZWALLUP! I don't think you're THAT chunky either! You're REALLY PRETTY actually! Do YOU feel comfortable in that style? Do YOU feel like it's flattering & it looks good on you? If so, go with it! (MEGA CUTE!) IF NOT, whatever style you feel the best in & think is the most flattering on you, THAT'S what you need to wear! If you think you're pretty & look good, the right guy will too! The ones that don't aren't worth your time, because you're BETTER than them...

    • Thank you! A lot of people don't like my vest because they say I'm hiding myself.. and I am lol. I like the vest look and also it hides my tummy. I'm not that large, I carry my weight mostly in my boobs and ass. I have big hips also, so it isn't that bad. My normal where is like... either jeans and a Tshirt, what you see in the pictures, and skinny jeans with a dress top and vest. lol. I do feel comfy and confident in my style. I think at times my style is unique.. and looked down on. :)

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    • AWW, you're welcome! I think it's BECOMING when a girl carries her weight like that! I certainly understand your curiosity, but if the styles he wants you to wear or hard to sport or make you feel bad about yourself, then I wouldn't. You can TRY them for him, like maybe if you went to a store & put them on for him to see, but if you WEAR something you feel ugly or fat in, others will pick up on that! Your comfort & liking yourself is the most important...

    • Your BOYFRIEND'S curiosity... LOL

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  • It depends. Would have helped if you'd stated your type of body. I have a bit of a tummy so I always wear tops which are loose/dont draw attention to the stomach. I wear them with great-fitting jeans or denim skirts. I normally wear thick waist belts to show/ create a waist and balance your body. Wear dresses with waist belts to shape you. I wear short skirts with leggings and my loose tops. Sometimes my loose tops with a waist belt and a pencil skirt- its a neat look. Just make sure everything fits well. Nothing too tight (you'll look like a sausage, lol!), tops should be a bit longer to balance your top half with your hips, Hope this helps and you manage to go out and find stuff like this. heels will elongate you- they don't need to be stilettos, can be wedges, even just an inch helps.

    • Thank you very much! I have a full body picture in my profile. Its not very good tho.. lol. I carry it in my boobs and my butt, I'm VERY curvy, but I do have a bit of a tummy I'm normally successful at hiding it tho. And I would like to start wearing heels, I think its a nice look, but I'm so off balance lolz. Thanks I may try like one inch heels! :D

  • My overweight best friend shows online here- link

    • shops* Jesus.

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    • OH wow I didn't even know forever21 had plus sizes! THANKS! :D

    • Oh good. ^_^ You're welcome.

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