Why don't guys like me? I don't get it...

Hey, let me start by saying:

-I am a very nice person :)

-I have a good sense of humor

-I'm not a slut (I've actually never even kissed a guy:$ but no one knows that...) however I'm not like some crazy prude

-I have what my friends call "the perfect body", 34D, 23 inch waist and 34 inch hips

-I'm not a cake face

-I like to think I'm a good person!

-I'm unique, and like boho styles and romantic movies

Now, I'm 16 years old and have never had a boyfriend? I have had to endure watching my friends go through wonderful relationships, and I myself am single. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong? It's getting really frustrating.


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  • Hmmm...

    The first thing that stood out to me is that you said, I'm a very nice person. Now I certainly don't know enough about you from your brief description to know exactly what's going on, but there were a few clues.

    A couple principles about guys:

    1) Guys often want what they can't have - they want a challenge / a chase

    2) Guys have huge ego's and are scared to death of being rejected

    So I can see two possible things that could be going on that could be the reason guys aren't flocking to an attractive girl like yourself. You'll have to help me determine which one it is...

    So principle No. 1 is that guys want a challenge. Many times I have seen girls who are very smart, pretty, nice, great girls, that just don't seem to get guys.

    Why is it? Because they are too nice to everyone. They put everyone ahead of themselves, and they tend to be "people pleasers". These girls send off a signal to guys that they would be no challenge, so guys don't have the interest to date them.

    Ironically if a girl was a b****, and not a challenge, guys would still hook up with her just to say that they did. But when a nice girl4 is also not mentally challenging, then guys don't want to hook up with them because they feel it would be wrong.

    So if you're really nice, sweet, friendly, and put other people ahead of yourself, this more than likely is what's going on...

    The other scenario plays into principle No. 2 - Guys are scared to death of rejection. You stated off some pretty impressive numbers in your listing, so you might be very attractive and very intimidating to guys.

    Also, if your just friendly to everyone, but not flirty to anyone, then guys will think you're not available. And if a really attractive girl is also non flirty - then there is a high perceived chance of rejection for a guy so he won't risk it...

    So if you're stand offish to guys, and don't flirt very often, and don't want to let guys know you are interested, then this more than likely is going on...

    But basically - It's either because for some reason you are coming off as too needy / easy and aren't providing a challenging chase or because you are overly intimidating and don't let guys know you're approachable by flirting with them...

    Only you know which of the two of these applies to you...

    Luke Lockehart


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  • You sound like any guy's dream come true; however you're only 16; and technically, still a child. You'll forgive me for patronising you with that, but you have plenty of time to find somebody-and besides, the average 16 year old guy is extremely immature-I doubt you'd want to settle for that simply for the purpose of being involved with someone. Give it time and you'll find someone who will appreciate you-and in the interim, always keep improving yourself to really radiate that attractiveness/confidence.

  • Jesus, you're just a kid. You shouldn't even be thinking about this stuff until you go to college. 20-21 is a pretty good age. Just wait till you're approaching 30...


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  • You need to stop thinking like that. Just be yourself, the right guy will like you when the time is right :)


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