Girls: (and some guys) why do you ask style questions anonymously?

OK before you get down my throat about how you don't want pervs stalking you etc..I'm just saying. if your gonna ask a question such as hair color then you go anon. how are we supposed to know what you look like (granted you don't include a pic either in your profile or on the ? itself). descriptions don't help either. men are visual mostly. we understand and like more of things we see not just words. I'm not saying I think you should start not being anon. I'm simple asking why you do it? isn't it sort of hypocritical...

i was able to get a girl to leave the site because I questioned one of her ?'s based on her profile descriptions. she doesn't have a picture on her profile yet she says she models. she left the site because I called her out. she's obviously a fake, otherwise she wouldn't have let some punk kid over the internet get to her. LOL

and before you rag on me for doing this. there are other people on this site who do the same, I just happen to be one of them


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  • I often ask simply because I'm curious and want to learn, but the normal logical person will automatically assume that I'm asking for my own benefit. They think that I'm asking about myself, and will answer the question to me, rather than from their own opinion on any random person. I don't get the best answers that way. They will be biased to my personal situation, which isn't even a real situation. I hope that made sense.

    • i also believe best answer is biased on here. while on other sites like yahoo sometimes best answer is the "real" answer and is the most effective

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    • As long as there are websites with profiles, there will always be people hiding behind profiles that show, not who they are, but who they'd like to be. Maybe these people are escapists; maybe this is the most significant human interaction they'll have on any given day. Regardless of the reason, "the model" is likely struggling through serious issues of self-worth. With that said, her situation probably can't be improved through a stranger 'bringing her out.' I hope things for her have improved..

    • she only proves my point and your defending me. thank you. :)

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  • I've never done that, but I'd guess that some women would like an answer about a man's preference without being subjected to comments that could make them feel poorly about their own appearance.

  • Because they can! wth kind of a question is this? Any why are you anonymous then? This is even more ridiculous...

  • lul


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  • It's because stereotypes exist... People think their choices should be based on stereotypes that exist. I.e. Do guys prefer blondes? Do guys prefer big boobs? For this sort of question you don't need to know what they look like. I think the way they ask it is of course silly, they just assume it should be as black and white as the way I've stated it. Personally I hate the anonymous feature and have never used it... It gives way to a lot of trolling, frankly I don't see why people would worry about others reading it, it most likely won't be people you know and if people you know did use the site they'd have to go through every questions and response to find that question. Even then it would have to be the specific person it would affect.

    • i went anon. for this ? and I'm not a troll I simply asked a ? it was my opinion I shouldn't be attacked for my opinion

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    • im just saying. not all anon. people are trolls. its a stereotype

    • I know, I said it gives way to a lot of trolling... I didn't say everyone who uses it is one.

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