If you have never had a girlfriend before, is it best start out with girls who aren't hot and move on up?

I read in a book once on how to get girls that if you have social anxiety start out talking to girls you aren't attracted to then as you get more comfortable start talking to hot ones and before you know it you'll you can try to make on your girlfriend.


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  • Itshouldn't matter if they are hot or not.. But us girls hate when guys rate us as if we are hot or not. It's just not fair! But about becoming comortable.. We find it cute when you guys mess up your words or something.


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  • If you only choose potential relationship candidets based on looks, you're in for a nasty surpirse. Do you even consider that you might really like that girl that you're not the most attracted to at first sight, once you start talking to her?


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  • I would highly recommend that you don't date anyone that you don't have feelings for, that's not fair to them.

    As for the whole unattractive moving to attractive, it doesn't really matter how attractive a girl is if you truly have feelings for her. You notice the small things when you are with her and she becomes your definition of attractive or beautiful.

    • i never said date I just meant talk to girls who aren't attractive until you get comfortable and then talking to hotter women. And yea your right about the second part.

    • Oh, well I never really had that problem. My girlfriend and I were friends before we started dating. I don't really talk to people I don't know too often.

  • No, because every ex that doesn't work out is baggage that you will have to carry for the rest of your life, and into every new relationship. I would date to try and find the person you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with, and if you feel you aren't ready to start finding a wife, you aren't ready to date.


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