How can the "average" looking girl get the guy?

The world is filled with people being judged by their looks on a scale from 1 to 10 . Its obvious how the one's are treated differently from the ten's , but its us girls who fall in the middle categorized as "AVERAGE" who get all confused. So tell me how can the average girl get the guy ?, how should she be treated? and how does society really look at your average Jane?


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  • The so called 1-10 scale is very subjective. What's 4 for your can be 6 for someone else. So it's kind of useless to project that scale to everyone and even yourself. Even if you give yourself a number then you should still expect to be treated decently with whoever you're with. As for you question to whether society looks at the average Jane. Ask youself, what if beatiful. We usually come up with ambiguous terms when we're trying to defining it. Does it mean tanned with curly hair or blond hair and blue eyes? The best definition I found so far is someone with good facial proportions. Even that definition has problems. So if it doesn't make sense to worry about being average or not. Look at who you are as a person and take care of yourself and you'll be fine.

    • What are good facial proportions to you?

    • That's a good question. Like I said there's no clear standard to what good looks/proportional can be measured up to. When I wrote this I remember like how ancient greeks thought that if you nose is twice as long as the distance between your eyes (something like that lol) then you're beatiful. Beauty is hard to define.

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  • Any girl can get any guy that she wants and vice versa. It's pretty much up to the level of self-confidence that the person has.

  • I think I am average but my boyfriend says I'm pretty. I think as long as you have confidence and have a good personality you could get a lot of guys


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